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Gone are the days when car washing started and finished with a bucket and sponge and some household washing-up liquid. These days there is a vast range of products which make keeping your car looking great a much easier and more enjoyable job!

We stock car care products from all of the big names-Autoglym, Turtlewax, Simoniz, Holts, Kent, Carplan, T-Cut, Armorall and more. Having a clean and shiny car not only looks good but also protects your paintwork from permanent damage from tree sap, bird droppings, tar and other surface contaminants and will keep your pride and joy looking fantastic for longer!


This is usually the starting point for most people’s car washing routine. There are many different treatments available to keep your paintwork looking great and we’re here to help you choose the right products for your needs.

We stock a range of car washes including wax-free and wash and wax products to suit all paintwork types whether it be laquered, metallic or pearlescent or even bodywork treated with Lifeshine, Supaguard or Duraguard protectants. Once clean, your paintwork can be inspected for any surface imperfections such as scratches, scuffs, contaminants or oxidization and then treated with a claybar kit, scratch remover or paint renovator. Next comes the polish and wax. We supply polishes, sealants, waxes and even carnuba-based spray waxes so you can be sure we’ll have a product to suit your needs.

Bumpers & Trim

There are parts on any car that aren’t painted. Even if your vehicle doesn’t have colour-coded bumpers, the likelihood is that there will be unpainted plastic areas such as door handles, trim mouldings and grilles. Often, these areas are neglected and can start to lose their finish and look tired over time.

Here at Checkpoint we stock many bumper and trim gels, creams and sprays for revitalising plastic bumpers and trim and making sure important details like this don’t let the overall look of your car down.

Wheels & Tyres

Your cars wheels and tyres get a really hard time when it comes to getting dirty and grubby wheels take the shine off even the cleanest of vehicles. Brake dust from your brake pads adheres to your wheels and can sometimes be very hard to shift using conventional soap and water.

There are many alloy, chrome and steel wheel cleaners on the market that make short work of getting your rims gleaming again and to make cleaning easier for next time you can treat your wheels with a polish, sealant or brake dust barrier. Once your wheels are clean and devoid of brakedust, we have a good selection of tyre shines to make even the oldest rubber look like new.


While we all love to keep the outside of our car looking great, the interior is where we spend most of our time and driving a car with a fresh smelling, clean interior which is as clean as the exterior is a pleasure. Keeping your seats, mats, dashboard and trim looking like new is a much easier job with great products from Autoglym, Holts, Turtlewax and other manufacturers. Choose from a range of fabric,vinyl, carpet and leather cleaners, microfiber cloths and detailing brushes to keep your cars interior looking great.

Glass & Mirrors

Glass covers about a third of the exterior of your vehicle, paying attention to keeping this surface clean and shiny really pays off when it comes to the overall look of your freshly washed car. We stock a range of sprays, creams, wipes and specific cloths to keep your view from the driver’s seat clear and safe and the view from the outside glossy and shiny!

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